•  Welcome to the NPE Library!  

    What an exciting year we have planned for our students at Pasemann!  I am thrilled to have your child back in person.  The books have missed them, and so have I!  The library is a place of wonder and excitement!  How fun it is to escape into the pages of a book.  I aspire to inspire your child.  I want them to have a passion for reading and all of the benefits it will bring them.   
    I have attached the library schedule for you to make note of your child's library day.  They are welcome to bring them home to read, but it is important to have them here at school each day. First graders are allowed one book until they earn their responsibility badge.  Second and Third graders check out two books each week.
    Happy reading!  Never hesitate to contact me with any questions, or concerns. 
    Mrs. Snyder
    Want to know if we have the book in our library?
    You can search for it in Alexandria!
    Click the link below:
    Gifted and Talented-
    I am honored to be your child's G.T. teacher this year.  I will serve students who have qualified and I will always share activity pictures with you on the GT Dojo pages.  If you haven't joined the Dojo page invite, please do so.
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