Curriculum & Instruction

  • The Taylor ISD Pre-Kindergarten Program follows the Pre-K Guidelines issued by TEA in order to help students learn and be prepared for Kindergarten. The Guidelines are divided into ten domains:

    1.       Social and Emotional Development
    2.       Language and Communication
    3.       Emergent Literacy Reading 
    4.       Emergent Literacy Writing
    5.       Mathematics
    6.       Science
    7.       Social Studies
    8.       Fine Arts
    9.       Physical Development
    10.       Technology

    The state adopted curriculum used by Taylor ISD’s Pre-K program integrates all subject areas and concepts with strong emphasis on literacy and language development.

    Centers are an important part of our pre-k program. Through center play, a child has the opportunity to:

    •       Develop independence
    •       Develop problem-solving skills
    •       Explore new interests
    •       Practice social skills
    •       Practice academic skills

    A center is an area in the room that contains manipulatives, books, and other materials to enhance learning. Items for each center are chosen carefully to support the learning of concepts related to the pre-k guidelines. The centers are changed throughout the year to meet the needs of the students.

    The centers found in our pre-k classrooms include, but are not limited to:

    •       Dramatic play
    •       Library
    •       Math
    •       ABC
    •       Science
    •       Creativity
    •       Sensory
    •       Listening
    •       Writing
    •       Construction