End-of-Course Report Cards Available

To Taylor ISD parents/guardians of 8-12 students:

You may access your child’s online EOC Report Card beginning on May 30 by visiting the Texas Assessment website at TexasAssessment.gov.   The EOC exams are English 1, English 2, Alg. 1, Biology, and US History.

Log into the Student Portal using your child’s unique Portal Access Code and date of birth.

What if I don’t know my child’s unique access code? 


  • If your child has taken a STAAR test previously, and you have a STAAR Confidential Student Report, the access code is located at the bottom of that report. 
  • You may look up the unique access code online.   To retrieve this code, go to the link stated above.  Click on the WHERE’S MY UNIQUE ACCESS CODE?” link found immediately below the Login button. This will redirect you to the Texas Assessment Data Portal where you will fill in your child’s first name,. social security number and date of  birth then click on the blue “go” button.
When your child’s unique access code is provided on the page, put in the birthdate and click the blue “GO” button again to view test results.


Understanding the STAAR Student Report Card:

Helpful information for understanding the STAAR Student Report Card can also be found towards the bottom of the webpage by clicking on the “Learn More” link found under the “I need help understanding the score sheet” section.  This information is available in both English and Spanish.

If you have difficulty logging into the data portal, please contact your child’s campus administration or the district assessment coordinator, Debbie Matthys, at 512-352-6361 or e-mail -  dmatthys@taylorisd.org