Despite unprecedented challenges, Taylor ISD sees academic growth in the journey towards excellence in student outcomes

The recent announcement of the 2022 state accountability A-F system results identifies the areas where Taylor ISD needs to focus. The district received a C rating due in part to student attendance and math performance.  


The district saw gains in student growth compared to 2021 at most campuses due to dedicated classroom teachers and strategic support provided by district leadership.


“Our goal is to see at least one year’s growth for every student in Taylor. This is measured in multiple ways at every school. Based upon the state test, we saw more students show a year’s growth compared to 2021 at all grade levels. This year’s state accountability ratings inform our improvement plan. We know we have challenges to help students grow from the performance they showed during the 2020-2021 pandemic years and we are proud of the work of our teachers. Taylor ISD teachers demonstrate dedication to student learning and consistently go above and beyond in their care for our students. We recognize the last two years for all staff have been filled with many challenges associated with COVID-19, including heightened stress, remote learning, and other interruptions,” said Taylor ISD Superintendent of Schools Dr. Devin Padavil.


“In my 18 months as part of this community, I have never been more proud to work alongside a team of educators than I have in Taylor, Texas.  I am confident in our campus leaders and our educators. With new leaders at campus and district level, we know change does not happen overnight, but we expect our growth to continue. While accountability ratings are largely related to a student’s performance on one test on one day, they give us a glimpse into our progress and our focus will remain on their continued growth.  We will continue to improve student performance through campus leadership and supporting our teachers,” said Padavil.


“I am thankful for the support of our school board and I know they expect great things for our students. I am thankful for the support our community and our school board gives classroom teachers and the pride they show in our schools. We are working to give this unique community the quality of schools they deserve and we are making progress. Giving our educators the support and respect they deserve and improving student attendance are the best ways to help. As students fill our classrooms, we know we have the leadership to support our teachers, trust and empower them to do their job, and see even more students grow into academically successful young men and women.”