Unofficial Results: Taylor ISD Bond Approved by 63% of Voters

On Tuesday, November 8th, the Williamson County Unofficial Voting Results indicated that 63% of the community voted for the Taylor ISD 2022 School Bond.  The bond proposition was the culmination of a year-long process that involved over 75 community members to identify needs and assemble a proposal that would not increase the tax rate.
"This is the community's bond and I am excited for our students," shared Superintendent Dr. Devin Padavil. "As I told the staff and voting Seniors at Taylor High School this morning, their vote planted the seeds that benefit future students and they laid a foundation to prepare the district for the next decade of growth. There are so many community members that led this effort."
Dr. Padavil continued, "Leaders like Rachael Westerman, Moppy Miller, Dwayne Ariola, and Ian Davis led the effort. Parents like Shauna Mullins, Rhonda Meller, and Amy Everhart organized the sharing of facts throughout neighborhoods. Leslie Hill, Don Hill, Thomas Martinez, Melissa Sanchez, and Adam Sanchez encouraged people to know the facts and vote. Former Superintendent Mike Caplinger and Carolyn Caplinger were an important part of the entire journey. There are so many more to thank and our district is indebted to them."
As a result of the bond, the district is creating a series of follow-up meetings and informational items to provide transparency to the community.  Additionally, the Taylor ISD tax rate will stay at the lowest rate in 14 years at $1.28 with the potential to lower in 2023.
Board President Marco Ortiz shared, "On behalf of Taylor ISD’s Board of Trustees, I want to thank our superintendent, Dr. Padavil and the community advisory committee on a successful bond election. It’s an exciting time for our district and moving forward, our students and staff will benefit from the projects that address campus renovations, safety, and security, the CTE addition, as well as major building repairs. As trustees, it is our responsibility to continue to build trust within our community and provide the transparency and oversight that we were elected to do."