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Custodial & Maintenance

Custodial and Maintenance staff will provide a clean and safe environment for students and staff. The department will follow safety procedures given from TEA.
  • Proper cleaning and disinfecting of school workspaces and high traffic areas (restrooms, cafeterias, etc.) will be conducted throughout the school day.
  • Classrooms will be cleaned during breaks of instruction.
  • Cleaning will occur after school hours.
  • The use of electrostatic disinfecting will occur each night.
  • Air quality checks will take place each evening.
  • Each classroom and restroom will be cleaned/disinfected at the end of each school day.
  • All classrooms and common areas will be provided cleaning supplies to maximize room-to-room cleanliness.
  • Custodians will follow all safety guidelines performing their job responsibilities and receive training to clean facilities appropriately.