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Transfer Students

2022-2023 Out-of-District Transfer Application 
For questions about transfers please contact Tiffany Whitsel [email protected] 

Out-of-District Transfers

Procedures & Guidelines

 Out-of-District transfers are for students who do not reside within Taylor ISD boundaries. Out-of-District Transfer Applications must be completed online by both NEW and RETURNING transfer applicants.


Taylor ISD will accept transfer applications for the 2022 – 2023 school year beginning Monday, May 2, 2022. All transfer applications must be filled out by a parent or legal guardian and should be submitted online. 

Transfer procedures are in accordance with District Transfer Policy: FDA (LOCAL), FDA(LEGAL).

  1. Do not withdraw your student from their current campus until you have received official, written approval of your transfer request.  Not all transfers are approved and withdrawing early could result in a truancy issue. Once officially approved, you may go back into Online Registration to complete registration.
  2. Transfers are only good for one academic year at a time and must be applied for annually. 
  3.  Each student’s transfer application is reviewed independently of any siblings. Example: If you have two or more children in your household, one may be accepted as a transfer student for this year. However, a sibling’s transfer application may be denied.
 Required Supporting Documentation
Please provide records for the current and prior school years.  Students coming from a homeschool need to provide a grade report from the curriculum/program they are using as well as the attendance, grade and discipline report from the last year in which they attended a brick and mortar school.
      • Attendance Records
      • Discipline Records
      • Report Card/Transcript​​​​​​​
Report Cards: Grades PK - 8
Transcript: Grades 9 -12

Children of non-resident full-time Taylor ISD employees shall be eligible to attend district schools and should submit the out-of-district transfer application on an annual basis. 


Approval of transfer requests is subject to the student's good standing in attendance, behavior, grade and tardies, as well as campus space availability.  Once the application is received, the transfer application will be reviewed for approval/denial. The processing timeline is dependent on time of year.


Unfortunately, Taylor ISD will not be able to approve all student transfer requests. A student transfer request may be denied for the following reasons and/or for principal/superintendent designee discretion:

  • No space available at the requested grade level/campus.
  • The information provided on the application form is erroneous.
  • The student has a history of documented Student Code of Conduct infractions and/or commits a violation of the Student Code of Conduct, which results in an assignment to the District or Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program. These denials may not be appealed.
  • Documented patterns of truancy, late arrivals, and/or late pick-ups requiring the supervision of the child by school staff. These denials may not be appealed.
  • Previously denied transfers request.
  • The parent/guardian is no longer an employee of Taylor ISD.
  • A parent does not cooperate with school staff or if they falsify information for the purpose of transfer approval.  Parent(s)/Guardian(s) may be punished under the Texas Penal Code, Chap. 37, Sec. 37.10 for falsified information.               


Transportation will be the responsibility of parent(s)/guardian(s). No District transportation (bussing) will be provided.



 The legal residence of a student and his or her parent(s) or legal guardian(s) establishes the high school in which the student is eligible for competition in school-sponsored athletic contests. The legal residence requires that the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) and student(s) actually live in the attendance area, receive mail at the residence, and plan to continue to live there.

 Athletic Eligibility Requirements – (https://www.uiltexas.org/policy/eligibility)