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Day Strong

Day StrongThere is such a sense of community and family in Taylor. I know that the district sees me as employee. That I am cared about and valued. That in turn translates into educators, like myself, who see the students, care about them, take the time to know them and their "stories", and who build relationships that equip and empower our students to tackle anything that comes their way. This sense of community and connection with students, families, and employees promotes a nurturing stable environment for success. Taylor ISD cares about not only academics, but about the entire school experience and what that means for every person who is a part of TISD.

I love working for Taylor ISD, because I know when I come to work each day that we are putting students and families first, and that the district cares about us as employees as well. Education is about so much more than prescribed curriculum, it is about people and relationships, combined with interactions and experiences, that meet social and emotional needs. Here at Taylor ISD, relationships and the people on each campus are a priority, that is abundantly evident. It is honestly the best place to work, and for my own children to learn.