• In art we focus on creativity, fine motor skills, and different styles of art. I have picked a selection of 'working artists' that we talk about and use as inspiration for our art. I also get your young artist to experience many different types of art making (paint, markers, yarn, etc.) All of our projects have a focus that allows students to practice and improve their cutting, gluing, and drawing skills, which will help them as they move along in art. I love letting them explore and create! I never know what to expect with their projects.
    This year we are using Artsonia as a tool to connect parents to the art-making process. Artsonia is a free online portfolio for student art. Parents can sign in to see and comment on their student's art. Artsonia also offers the option of buying your child's art printed on a T-shirt, mug, keychain, etc. 20% of the money from each purchase goes back to your child's classroom. I use the money to buy things like paper, paint and markers; things that can quickly run low when we are making lots of art!