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Taylor ISD Bond 2022

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    Bond Phase 1

    Bond Phase 2



    The Taylor ISD Board of Trustees unanimously approved an order on August 15, 2022, calling for a bond election that projects NO TAX RATE INCREASE to be held on November 8, 2022. The 2022 bond addresses safety, district growth, and aging facilities. 

    • Safety and Security Updates Across the District
    • THS Career and Technical Education (CTE) Addition for Workforce Certification
    • Renovation/Modernization of Main Street, Pasemann, TH Johnson Elementary Schools
    • Renovation/Modernization of Taylor Middle School
    • Major Building Repairs including HVAC/Roof Replacement
    • Land Acquisition

    The projects included in the bond are based on recommendations from the Taylor ISD Community Advisory Committee (CAC). The CAC, a diverse group of local citizens, parents, and school employees, met four times over several months to examine facility needs, costs, possible projects and to rank these needs. The committee reached 100% consensus in their recommendation and presented to the Taylor Board of Trustees on August 4, 2022.

  • What is included in the 2022 Bond?

  • How do I vote?

  • How can a district pay for the bond without raising the tax rate?

  • Did Taylor ISD get community input?

  • Will the Taylor ISD Tax rate go up if this bond is approved?

  • How does the school district determine the tax rate?

  • If there wasn't a bond or it didn't pass, does that mean our tax rate would go down?

  • Taylor ISD has a "bond capacity" of $240M over the next three years. What does that mean?

  • What happens if the housing market slows down? Will that hurt Taylor's ability to pay for the bond and impact the tax rate?

  • Can the district guarantee no tax increase for the length of the bond?

  • How will 65+ taxpayers be affected?

  • Due to Taylor being a Chapter 49 (recapture) district, aka “Robin Hood”, how much bond money will leave Taylor ISD and go back to the state?

  • How can this bond help improve pay for teachers and staff in Taylor?

  • Will this bond take care of all the district's needs? Will additional needs be in the future?