Fine Arts

  • Fine Arts in Taylor ISD includes elementary and middle school curriculum, as well as a robust high school course catalog. See below for the Fine Arts opportunities for students. 
    The high school band is designed to be the culmination of the Taylor ISD band program.  Heavy emphasis is placed on the importance of music as a performing art.  The performance-oriented organization strives to provide aesthetic and creative outlets for individual as well as group expression.  Areas that are brought out in the course of rehearsals include but are not limited to:  the understanding of recreating an art form for the enjoyment of listener and performer, the esprit-de-corps associated with being a member of a respected organization, self- discipline in the independence of individual study, and socio-cultural influences reflected through music. The high school band functions as a representative of Taylor ISD in school, community, region and state activities.  On occasion, the band will represent Taylor in various out of city/state functions.
    JV Choir
    Open to all students and no audition
    The JV Choir is beginning choir for students who are interested in learning to sing, read music, and perform in a group.  There will also be opportunities for solo singing within this course.  This course requires no previous experience in music.  Students will be evaluated on an individual basis before being placed in this choir.  The requirements for this course are working in class every day and attending the few performances outside of school hours.
    Varsity Choir
    Audition required
    The Varsity Choir is an auditioned mixed ensemble for students who are already comfortable singing in a choral setting. Previous music reading experience is required. This group will serve as the main group for contests and will focus mainly on scholastic and sacred choral music. This is a great opportunity for students who would like to compete in areas of performing arts as we learn how to become better musicians and performers.
    Principles of Dance is an introduction to all basic dance techniques (ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary and world dance) including vocabulary and principles of all dance forms. Group and individual projects through choreography and research are introduced. Students may earn up to one P.E. or Fine Arts credit.
    High Steppers (Dance Ensemble)
    Designed for members of the drill team. Considered an extra- curricular involvement. Members must audition during tryout period. Continued work on dance skills with an emphasis on performance.
    Foundations for learning and building upon art processes, procedures, theories, history, and art judgment. The approach is experimental in use of materials (drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture) but structured to provide students a strong foundation in design, process, and vocabulary.
    Theatre Arts
    Drama is a fine arts course designed to introduce students to the many aspects of theatre as well as some theatre history. Students learn and practice activities that include: pantomime, improvisational acting, dramatic and humorous monologues, and duet acting. Successful theatrical productions require more than just actors! Students will also learn about the technical aspects of theatre including lighting, sound, set construction, and make-up. Students are required to perform various class assignments on stage.
    Speech and Debate
    Professional Communications blends written, oral, and graphic communication in a career-based environment. Students will be expected to expand the ability to write, read, edit, speak, listen, and apply computer applications and conduct Internet research.
    Students in debate will learn the process of successful contest debating and speaking. Students learn and develop skills in analysis, reasoning, logical thinking, and persuasion. Students practice these skills at UIL practice tournaments by participating in debate rounds. Students in debate have an excellent opportunity to qualify for scholarships. It is recommended that incoming freshmen should have successfully passed Honors English at the middle school.
    Students will become more comfortable in front of an audience and develop an appreciation for literature by preparing and performing selected literary pieces. Students will work on preparing selections for speech tournaments and UIL Prose and Poetry competitions.
    Color Guard
    This performance ensemble emphasizes the fundamentals of dance along with equipment movement (flags, rifles, sabers, and props) with choreographed routines and drill design.  The color guard functions as an auxiliary unit to the marching band in Fall and an independent performance ensemble in the Spring.  The class meets year-round and earns PE credit in the fall.  Opportunities also exist for individual expression through self-choreographed solos and ensembles.