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Taylor ISD Prepares for the April 8th Solar Eclipse

Taylor ISD is gearing up for the total solar eclipse on April 8th, and thanks to funding from the Taylor Educational Enrichment (TEE) Foundation, that means offering free viewing glasses to all students and staff. 


“The glasses have arrived and are already at each campus," said Anita Volek, TEE Foundation Executive Director. "Our goal is for 100% of Taylor ISD to have a front row seat to witness this rare phenomenon first hand.”


School staff will guide students on how to engage in the experience safely. Scientists warn that looking directly at the sun without specialized eye protection is not safe, and that regular sunglasses, no matter how dark, are not safe for viewing the sun. Glasses provided by the TEE Foundation are specialized for a safe eclipse viewing experience.


Several websites for the April 8th event report that Taylor, Texas will be in the path of totality for just under two minutes, meaning 100% of sunlight will be blocked as the moon passes between Earth and the sun at around 1:38pm. A partial eclipse is expected before and after this time with the total duration estimated at about two and a half hours.


“The TEE Foundation is excited about supporting this learning experience across the district,” said Volek. “Meaningful lessons and fun activities planned for this event will provide memories that will last a lifetime.”