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District Message Regarding School Safety

School Safety Message from the Superintendent and Board of Trustees


The school shooting event that took place in Nashville this week is tragic and heartbreaking.  As parents, we cannot imagine the pain the families of the victims must feel.  It would be normal for our students and families to wonder how we are keeping our schools safe. So we want to take a minute to share some information with you. 


As leaders that have the priority of protecting all those inside our schools, we are reminded of the constant responsibility we have to make sure our systems, facilities, and procedures are tested and reliable.  The safety and security of our students and staff will always be our top priority and we will continue to take the steps necessary to ensure every school building is a safe, structured, and positive environment.


Our principals have worked to make sure our procedures are communicated well to both students and staff.  We have staff check exterior locks and classroom door locks, and we have repeated communication to students and staff to ensure they are following the appropriate procedures to protect the rest of the student body. As a result of our processes, Taylor ISD has passed all Texas Safety Center unannounced audits with 100% compliance. 


The district is taking the additional step of conducting our own safety audit this Spring to have our systems reviewed again,to ensure we are taking every step necessary to provide our community with the safest schools in the area. This includes helping our principal create a school environment that is both structured and welcoming. Additionally, our campus administration is expected to take immediate action when there are student behaviors that create a threat to student well-being. Our commitment to the community is timely, transparent communication when this happens.


Because of the community’s vote on the 2022 Bond, this summer will include significant renovations to every school to ensure the security of our schools. This includes features such as safety vestibules, bullet-proof film on windows, and security camera upgrades.


We encourage you to reach out to us with any concerns you may have about safety and the well-being of our students. Remind your students to report any concerns they may have to a campus administrator so situations can be fully investigated. 


The effort to keep our students safe takes all of us, and we are grateful for the support our community has for our school district. Thank you for being our partner in the education of all our students.