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On behalf of our dedicated, caring educators and staff, we're proud to be Taylor Made!
Welcome! I am honored to serve as Superintendent of Taylor ISD. We are a tight-knit community with a proud sense of tradition. That pride serves as the foundation for a future of excellence for all students. To our new and returning students and families, we look forward to seeing you this school year. For those considering our schools, we welcome you to learn more about Taylor ISD. 
Devin Padavil, Ed. D. 


Inspire, Equip, and Empower Every Student to Achieve Their Unique Potential
-Taylor ISD Mission Statement
Intentionally Empowering The Whole Child
-Taylor ISD Vision Statement

Taylor Proud

  • 6 Schools
  • 1 Pre-K Program
  • 3,000 Students
  • 211 Teachers
  • 300 2021 Graduates
  • 27 Industry Certifications
  • 60 College Credits
  • $242K Scholarships Awarded in 2021

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Shannon Luedtke Taylor ISD

Shannon Luedtke - Naomi Pasemann Elementary, 2nd Grade Teacher

I love working for Taylor ISD because Taylor is a small, tight knit community that I am proud to call home! I have lived here for 5 years and am going into my 4th year working for the district and I enjoy getting to know and understand our community even more by working with our little Ducks!

The families here in Taylor ISD truly want a great educational experience for their child and being able to partner with them in that journey is such an honor and a responsibility that I don't take lightly.

Taylor ISD is special because our educators and administration truly care about each and every student who walks through our doors! We strive to make sure each student, regardless of their background, feels valued and supported by all of the staff members that they interact with on a daily basis. Taylor ISD has a lot to offer our community and I am so excited for the future and growth of our district!
KatieAnn Philhower MSI

KatiAnn Philhower - Main Street Intermediate, Dyslexia Teacher

The people I get to work with are the reason why I love working for Taylor ISD. I've been blessed to work with some talented educators and administrators. Taylor ISD has invested in me as an educator and allowed me to grow in my career. My own children have been Taylor Ducks since they were three months old, attending the school daycare (CDC). I'm proud that they are part of a school community that has a strong tradition and history. Once a duck, always a duck!
Tammy Truex Taylor ISD

Tammy Truex - Taylor Middle School, 7th Grade Science Teacher,

I love working for TISD because the challenges of teaching allow me to work with amazing people and encourage me to continually grow.

The quote "once a duck, always a duck" is a special statement. This a community that represents a family. I am blessed to have attended the district as a student K-12, teach with those who taught me, work with former students as peers, and continue to serve generations to come.

It is so very inspiring and motivating to know of students and peers who make a difference in this world.
Laurie Mynar TJ JOhnson Pre K

Laurie Mynar - TH Johnson Elementary School, Pre-K Teacher

I strongly believe in Taylor ISD's mission statement and vision. Taylor ISD will continue to be an amazing school district for students, staff, and the community. Once a duck, always a duck! It's a great school district to work for due to the amazing leadership, wonderful school morale on the campuses, and the community feels like one, big family. I love working for Taylor ISD because I love the positivity, the encouragement, and the support I get as a teacher for doing what's best for students.
Cindy Terrazas Taylor ISD

Cindy Terrazas - Pasemann Elementary School, 1st Grade Teacher

Having grown up in Taylor I feel a deep connection with the community, parents, and students. Both of my parents served as educators for Taylor ISD and played a huge role in my return to teach where I grew up. I have great memories of going to school in Taylor and love the fact that I am able help students gain the same feelings and experiences I had growing up here.

Taylor has the most amazing sense of community. The town and people have a way of rallying around the schools and kids. The Taylor community is one that is so welcoming we often see people leave town and come back to teach and continue living and caring for one another. That sense of community carries into our schools as we truly get to know the parents of our children because we soon see that they are neighbors, relatives, and alumni that continue giving back to our schools.

I am excited to see everyone’s positive outlook for our future! While we always honor our past, I can see how bright our future will be! #OnceADuckAlwaysADuck
Kelly Windham Legacy Early College High School English Teacher

Kelly Windham -Legacy Early College High School, English Teacher

I love working for Taylor ISD because of the phenomenal students that walk through my door every day. They are the reason I do what I do. I'm constantly surrounded by people on the cusp of changing the world, and I get to help them figure out how. What's better than that? Legacy is an incredibly special place to work.

The students who choose Legacy forgo a traditional high school experience, but they do so knowing that that sacrifice yields incredible benefits in the long run. It is a small learning community - a family - in which we build each other up and hold each other accountable. There's no getting lost at Legacy. We see you, we hear you, we know your unique potential, and we do all we can to foster your growth.
Michele Cobbs Taylor ISD

Michele Cobbs - Taylor Middle School, 7th Grade Social Studies/ESL

I love how we support one another. Our administrators and peers are incredible at cheering us on and challenging us to become the best we can be as we equip students for success.

From day 1, Taylor ISD makes you feel like you are part of the family. We are serious about: Once a duck, always a duck!
Day Strong TH Johnson ES

Day Strong - TH Johnson Elementary School, Assistant Principal

There is such a sense of community and family in Taylor. I know that the district sees me as employee. That I am cared about and valued. That in turn translates into educators, like myself, who see the students, care about them, take the time to know them and their "stories", and who build relationships that equip and empower our students to tackle anything that comes their way. This sense of community and connection with students, families, and employees promotes a nurturing stable environment for success. Taylor ISD cares about not only academics, but about the entire school experience and what that means for every person who is a part of TISD.

I love working for Taylor ISD, because I know when I come to work each day that we are putting students and families first, and that the district cares about us as employees as well. Education is about so much more than prescribed curriculum, it is about people and relationships, combined with interactions and experiences, that meet social and emotional needs. Here at Taylor ISD, relationships and the people on each campus are a priority, that is abundantly evident. It is honestly the best place to work, and for my own children to learn.