• Taylor ISD administration and staff worked closely with the Taylor ISD Police Department, Taylor Police Department, Taylor Fire and Rescue, and neighboring districts reviewing our emergency preparedness plan. While Taylor ISD still has an extensive emergency preparedness plan in place that trains staff in safety and security for their campus, TISD has also adopted the Standard Response Protocol (SRP), “i love you guys,” which focuses on the classroom response to an incident at school.

    The program is based on four actions that can be used in a variety of events.  SRP standardizes the vocabulary so all stakeholders can understand the response and status of the event. For students, this provides continuity of expectations and actions throughout their educational career. For teachers, this becomes a simpler process to train and drill. For first responders, the common vocabulary and protocols establish a greater predictability that persists through the duration of an incident. Parents can easily understand the practices and can reinforce the protocol. Additionally, this protocol enables rapid response determination when an unforeseen event occurs, and allows for a more predictable series of actions as an event unfolds.

    Standard Response Protocol   Standard Response Protocol

    Please see the video below for more info on SRP