• Technology Immersion Project is Taylor High School's 1:1 program with new MacBook Airs or Ipads for students and teachers. TIP began in 2011. Its goal is to enable student success through teaching and learning with technology.

    All students have access to the same learning tools which allow for research, tutorials, and creatively prepared multi-media products to assignments.  Students, also, have access to teacher websites complete with assignments, videos and pertinent information for students; students also use online resources to enhance their learning and to help prepare them for state testing.  The MacBook Airs come complete with many applications that encourage creativity.

    TIP provides support to teachers and students when assistance is needed with hardware and software problems, learning applications, printing, or just encouraging words.

    The TIP Room is staffed by Mrs. Karen Jahn, Computer Technician and Mr. Clinton Olson, Computer Technician.