TMS Athletics

    All athletes are required to travel to and from athletic activities on the bus with the team. Failure of an athlete to conform to the travel policy covered in the Athletic Handbook could result in; restricted from travel, removal from the team and possibly removal from the Athletic Program. In the case of an immediate family emergency, the discretion of the coach comes into play. The coach will then contact the Athletic Coordinator and permission will follow. If there is a hardship situation there is a form that must be submitted no less than 48 hours prior to the game involved. All forms can be obtained through the coach of the team or by contacting the Middle School Athletic Coordinators Office at (512) 352 2815 ext 5212 ***Please keep in mind that all travel will be with the team and only excused if the paperwork is filled out. The paperwork should only be used in emergency or hardship situations only. We would prefer to have all Athletes traveling with the team to and from all contests.
    Travel Release Form
    As a parent, if you need to take your child from an Athletic contest, the proper paperwork must be filled out and on file prior to the date of the contest. In case of a family emergency, the coach in charge at the contest will use discretion and may allow the child to be released to a legal guardian only. All athletes are required to travel with the team to and from all athletic contests unless there are extenuating circumstances and the proper steps have been taken. This is a Taylor ISD Athletic Policy and is on file with the Athletic Department as a requirement for participation in athletics. If there is an unavoidable circumstance and the student-athlete needs to ride home with a parent please utilize the form provided below for approval from the Athletic Administration. Please use the form  "TISD Post Activity Students Release" found under Athletic Forms.