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    Foundations for learning and building upon art processes, procedures, theories, history, and art judgment. The approach is experimental in use of materials (drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture) but structured to provide students a strong foundation in design, process, and vocabulary.
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  • Taylor Middle School Art

    We are Taylor Ducks Fine Art


    We guide and facilitate learning of the elements of art and principles of design, each to help elevate and assess our students in the collective maturity and to the understanding of how the elements and principles are important in all works of art and life. Art is an expression of how we feel inside and, collectively, we all try to express these emotions onto our canvases, paper, cardboard, and more to show the world a little about ourselves. Here at TMS, our Ducks are challenged to understand our principles and elements and to create using specific criteria to offer outstanding works of art and to know the history that went behind each brush stroke and marking.