• Theatre Arts
    Drama is a fine arts course designed to introduce students to the many aspects of theatre as well as some theatre history. Students learn and practice activities that include: pantomime, improvisational acting, dramatic and humorous monologues, and duet acting. Successful theatrical productions require more than just actors! Students will also learn about the technical aspects of theatre including lighting, sound, set construction, and make-up. Students are required to perform various class assignments on stage.
    Speech and Debate
    Professional Communications blends written, oral, and graphic communication in a career-based environment. Students will be expected to expand the ability to write, read, edit, speak, listen, and apply computer applications and conduct Internet research.
    Students in debate will learn the process of successful contest debating and speaking. Students learn and develop skills in analysis, reasoning, logical thinking, and persuasion. Students practice these skills at UIL practice tournaments by participating in debate rounds. Students in debate have an excellent opportunity to qualify for scholarships. It is recommended that incoming freshmen should have successfully passed Honors English at the middle school.
    Students will become more comfortable in front of an audience and develop an appreciation for literature by preparing and performing selected literary pieces. Students will work on preparing selections for speech tournaments and UIL Prose and Poetry competitions.