• THS Theatre Department

    Just a bunch of theatre geeks posing for a picture.

    Mission Statement: 

    The Taylor High School Theatre Department is a group of young performers, artists, and technical 
    professionals that are ready to serve their community of Taylor, TX.

    Our mission is to be positive pillars for our society as well as bring joy through the performing arts. 
    We believe strongly in creating a family and a safe space for all. We welcome the so-called "different", "weird",
    "strange" and "unapproachable." 

    Our diverse group of students is here to be a voice for the unspoken, a hand for the unattainable, and a heart for 
    the unwavering. 

    We guide ourselves through being the example of exemplary students...where academics, behavior, and team work 
    are our motivators.


    Poster for "The Picture of Dorian Gray"

    Directors Note:

    The Picture of Dorian Gray has been a staple in my mind ever since I read it in high school; (Yes! High School),
    and I’ve always been fascinated with the world of the wealthy upper class. This theme that the rich control every
    outlet of our existence, is so relevant in today’s society. Nearly 63% of our nation’s capital is owned by the wealthy
    1%; which roughly adds to 26 trillion dollars. The other 99% only earns 16 trillion dollars (that’s us).  But the
    question that continues to resonate in my head is, “Do the rich and powerful truly understand happiness or do they
    crave more?”

    That question is answered in “The Picture of Dorian Gray,” a wealthy and beautiful man who is seemingly bored
    with life gives in to an overwhelming temptation to finally feel something other than his lavish lifestyle. This journey
    into hedonism leads him into a life of sin and unspeakable acts.